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From the Arcade to the Living Room

A “virtual tour” of a retro games exhibit in New York. Continue reading

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New Inductees to the Bad Game Music Hall of Fame

We’ve got a new batch of uploads to the Bad Game Hall of Fame YouTube channel, featuring music from Duke Nukem 3D [on the Sega Genesis], Sonic Spinball, and Tribes 2. With any luck at all, there are more uploads to come in the following days / weeks / months / millennia. Continue reading

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Bad Street Brawler’s Baadasssss Song

These streets are bad y’all, and it’s high time someone came to brawl it out on ’em. Continue reading

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Catch a by the Tail

The story of a handheld console that no one asked for, as produced by a company that had should’ve known better. Continue reading

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Bad Game Hall of Fame Dot Com

Welcome to the brand new! Continue reading

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