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Please Rise for Our National Anthem, for These Inaugural Entries to the Bad Game Music Hall of Fame

Some video game music simply fails to utilize the full potential of their console’s sound chip, while others are guilty of perhaps being overly ambitious. Some video game music is literally just random notes strung together. No matter the circumstance, I’m gonna try to build a bit of a collection here, gathering the best of the worst together on a single channel. And when I’m able, I’ll even try to give a bit of insight into why these songs sound the way they do! Continue reading

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Mortal Kombat Makes for Krappy Micro

Does Mortal Kombat still work as a game when you strip away the blood, guts, control, and any and all sense of entertainment value? Continue reading

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Don’t Buy into Don’t Buy This

When a game’s own title serves as a warning not to spend money on it, it’s probably a good idea to do a bit of pre-purchase research before buying it. Continue reading

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